Renewal Express PINs

Do I need a PIN to renew my registration using Renewal Express?

No, a PIN is not required. You may enter your last name, zip code, license plate number and last eight digits of your VIN, and then complete your registration renewal.

Your license plate and VIN can be found on a previous registration.

Where do I find my VIN?

I would like to see my renewal information and PIN before accessing Renewal Express. Is there a way to access that information if I do not have my renewal notice?

Yes, you may access your renewal information on our Motor Vehicle Portal. By entering your last name, zip code, license plate number and last four digits of your VIN, you will receive the same information that would have been sent on your renewal notice. (e.g. PIN, Renewal Fee, Inspection Requirements, etc.)

Why didn’t I receive a renewal notice?

Registration renewal postcards have been discontinued and will no longer be mailed. Renewal reminders are available by email. To continue receiving registration renewal reminders, sign up for an email renewal reminder here.


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