Titles and Titling FAQ

For more information, see Title Requirements in Utah.

I just bought a vehicle. What do I need to get a title and registration?

Though every title situation is different from the last, you should at least have the original title or a bill of sale from the previous owner. Either of these should be sufficient to at least get you started at the DMV, and should allow you to at least obtain a temporary permit while you round up additional documents such as safety and emissions inspections.

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I just bought a vehicle, but the seller can’t find the title. What do I do?

It is the seller’s responsibility to find and transfer the title to you. It is very common that a “missing” title is simply being held by the seller’s bank or credit union as collateral for a loan, in which case the seller should contact their bank or credit union. If the title is truly missing, however, the seller will need to apply for a duplicate title.

If the previous title was a Utah title, the seller may complete Form TC-123, Application for Duplicate Utah Title in place of the original title, which not only requests a duplicate title, but also allows the seller to transfer that duplicate title to you. You may then take the Application for Duplicate Utah Title to the DMV along with a bill of sale.

If the previous title was from out-of-state, however, the seller is responsible for obtaining a duplicate title from that state. In cases like these, you may take a bill of sale to the DMV, pay your title and registration fees, and obtain a temporary permit so that you may use the vehicle while you wait for the title.

I just bought a vehicle. How much sales tax will I need to pay?

Sales and use tax is based on the purchase price. The purchase price includes any value of the consideration given. Consideration includes cash payments, loan payoffs, and trades. Trades are only allowed for a vehicle-to-vehicle trade and must take place at the same time and must be documented in the same transaction. All other trades are valued and are subject to tax. Because the rate varies from city to city, see Utah Sales & Use Tax Rates to find your local sales tax rate. Multiply the rate by the purchase price to calculate the sales tax amount.

I just bought a vehicle in another state. Why do I have to pay sales tax to Utah?

Sales tax, or more correctly Sales and Use Tax, applies to a new purchase regardless of where the purchase was made. Most states do not collect sales tax unless the vehicle is being titled or registered in that state. As a result, Sales and Use Tax is collected by the state in which the vehicle is being used (titled or registered). Unless sales tax was paid in the state in which you purchased the vehicle, you must pay the Sales and Use Tax here in Utah because you are using the vehicle in Utah.

I’m trying to sell a vehicle, but I can’t find the title. How do I replace a lost title?

You may request a duplicate title by completing Form TC-123, Application for Duplicate Utah Title. A $6.00 title fee will be assessed, and the duplicate title should be received in about a week after making the application.

If you are selling the vehicle to a Utah resident who will be titling and/or registering the vehicle in Utah, you may simply give the completed Form TC-123 Application for Duplicate Utah Title to the buyer in place of the Utah title. If you do, make sure that you have signed both Part 1 and Part 2 of the form. It is highly recommended that a bill of sale accompany the Application for Duplicate Utah Title.

What is the difference between “and” & “or” on a title?

“And” and “or” represent the relationship between owners on a title. “And” requires that both owners must sign to transfer or change a title, while “or” requires that only one owner sign to transfer or change a title.

I want to add, remove, or change a name on a title. How do I do that?

Title changes like these are easily made, but require that you surrender the existing title to the DMV. You will need to complete Form TC-656, Application for Utah Title with all the appropriate changes reflected. At least one owner whose name was already on the title before changes were made must sign this application. A $6.00 title fee and a $4.00 duplicate registration fee may apply.

Note that if your title is being held by a lien holder as collateral in a financing agreement, you may need to contact the lien holder to have the title sent to the DMV before changes can be made.