Registering Your Vehicles FAQ

For more information, see Registering Your Vehicles in Utah.

I just moved to Utah. How do I get a Utah registration and how long do I have?

New residents to Utah are allowed 60 days to transfer titles and registrations. To do this, you will need the existing title (unless held by a lien holder as collateral in a financing agreement) and the most recent registration. See Vehicle Inspections to find out if your vehicle needs a safety and/or emissions inspection.

All vehicles that are titled or registered in Utah for the first time are required to complete a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection. Form TC-661, Certificate of Inspection must be completed by a DMV employee of Utah or another state, a designated contractor, a law enforcement agency employee, a licensed dealer, a certified safety inspector, or a person that DMV authorizes in writing. Note that this may be completed by a DMV employee at the time of registration.

You can visit any DMV office in the state for motor vehicle business. Please check the business hours and requirements to see if an appointment is needed before visiting our offices. For general DMV inquiries, call 1-800-DMV-UTAH (800-368-8824).

I need extra time for my inspections. How do I get a temporary permit?

A 30-day temporary permit is available when your vehicle registration has or is about to expire and extra time is needed to pass the inspections. The fee for this permit is $6.00. All registration fees must be paid at the time the permit is issued. For more information, see Vehicle Inspections andTemporary Permits.

How do I replace a lost registration, license plate, or decal?

Registration certificates, license plates, and decals are all easily replaced by visiting your local DMV office. No special forms are needed, though a small fee may apply. See Replacing Plates, Decals, Registrations, Titles, or Placards for more information.

I recently changed addresses. How do I update the address on my registrations?

The easiest way to update your address is to use the Motor Vehicle Portal (MVP). You can also call the DMV at 801-297-7780 or 1-800-368-8824 or visit your local DMV office.

My registration is about to expire. Why didn’t I receive a renewal notice?

The DMV offers two ways to receive your registration renewal reminder: by email or by receiving a postcard mailer. Please ensure you select the method that works best for you and that your address is up-to-date by visiting our Motor Vehicle Portal (MVP). You can also go directly to our email renewal reminder system here if you want to enroll in that service.

My registration is about to expire. Do I need an emissions inspection this year?

You can access your registration renewal information and calculate the fees, by clicking here. A general rule of thumb is that vehicles with even model years are required to pass an emissions inspection in even years, and vehicles with odd model years in odd years. For complete information, however, see Vehicle Inspections.

I need to request a refund of fees that I paid. How do I do that?

To request a refund of fees paid to the DMV, see Request a Refund for complete information, including circumstances in which a refund may be granted.

I just bought a vehicle. How much sales tax will I need to pay?

Sales and use tax is based on the purchase price. The purchase price includes any value of the consideration given. Consideration includes cash payments, loan payoffs, and trades. Trades are only allowed for a vehicle-to-vehicle trade and must take place at the same time and must be documented in the same transaction. All other trades are valued and are subject to tax.

Utah does not have a sales tax exemption for family-to-family vehicle purchases. Sales tax is due on the vehicle sales between family members.

The purchase price you claim on documents you provide when registering your vehicle must state the price you actually paid. Your documents will be reviewed for accuracy by the Tax Commission. If you fraudulently underreport the purchase price, you will receive an audit for the additional tax, penalty, and interest. A fraud penalty will likely be assessed at 100% of the tax or $500, whichever is greater.

Rates vary from city to city. See Utah Sales & Use Tax Rates to find your local sales tax rate. Multiply the rate by the purchase price to calculate the sales tax amount.

Note that sales tax due may be adjusted, and payment will be required if the amount entered is incorrect and not verified.

I just bought a used vehicle that is currently titled in Utah. How can I transfer ownership into my name and apply for a permit using the Motor Vehicle Portal (MVP)?

Though every title situation is different from the last, you should at least have the original title or a bill of sale from the previous owner. Either of these should be sufficient to get your title/registration process started on MVP. This should allow you to at least obtain a temporary permit while you round up additional ownership documentation and possible vehicle inspections.

Note that all taxes and applicable fees are due at the time of application for permit and/or title. For more information see Utah Person to Person Online Title Transfers.


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