Inspection Requirements FAQ

For more information about safety, emissions, or VIN/HIN inspections, see Vehicle Inspections.

Do dealers perform required inspections?

Yes. Dealers must assure vehicles meet all inspection requirements before the vehicles are sold, and a copy of the Emissions certificate must be given to the customer at the time of sale. Emissions, if required, must have been done within eleven months prior to sale.


  • New Vehicles with an MSO are exempt from emissions.
  • Vehicles are not required to be inspected if being sold to residents of counties that do not require emission inspections. Dealers in non-emission counties have a special exemption when selling to residents of counties that require emission inspections. Dealers must submit form TC- 820, Exemption Affidavit For Utah Emission Testing, for these vehicles.

What do I do if my vehicle won’t pass inspection because the dealer didn’t fix a mechanical problem?

If the vehicle is titled and registered in your name, you may file a complaint with the emission officials in the county in which the vehicle was inspected. These agencies will investigate the complaint. If it appears the dealer violated the law, MVED will be contacted, and will investigate and possibly file a criminal complaint. If you are still operating the vehicle on the 45-day temporary permit (you have not yet received your license plates from the dealer), you may file a complaint with MVED.

For more information on filing a complaint with the emission official in your county, click here.

I bought a car from a dealer and they want me to bring it back in for inspections. What should I do?

Because the inspections are required for the vehicle to be registered, you will need to bring the vehicle back in for those inspections. If the 45-day temporary permit has expired, you may additionally file a complaint with MVED.

My vehicle will not pass inspection, what are my options?

If reasonable efforts have been made and your vehicle still will not pass an emission inspection, you can contact the appropriate county to see if you qualify for an exemption.

  • Cache County – 435-792-6570
  • Davis County – 801-525-4975
  • Salt Lake County – 385-468-3837
  • Utah County – 801-851-7600
  • Weber County – 801-399-7140
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