Kit Vehicles

Type One

A person buys a frame from one individual and buys the rest of the components from someone else or purchases all the components and assembles the parts so the finished product will resemble a factory Porsche, Harley Davidson, Shelby, antique vehicle, etc.

The vehicle owner will need to provide the DMV with the following; this may require more than one visit:

The finished vehicle must be inspected by a peace officer or a DMV-CSR. The vehicle title will reflect the make as “SPCN,” the model year will be the year of completion and the model will be the “make code” on the MSO. The vehicle will also need to be issued a Utah Official ID number by the DMV office; this will need to be installed as directed by the DMV staff, then inspected by a police officer, DMV-CSR, or certified safety inspector.

Type Two

All the components are purchased in a kit similar to a model car (including the frame). The applicant will need to provide to the DMV; this may require more than one visit:

  • The “Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin” (MSO) for all components, listing a 17-digit conforming Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),
  • A completed Form TC-569A, Ownership Statement, containing information pertaining to the construction of the vehicle, where or from whom all the components were obtained, and a completed Form TC-656, Application For Utah Title and all original sales receipts,
  • Picture of the completed vehicle or bring the vehicle to a DMV office for a visual inspection, and
  • Safety and emission test certification.

The vehicle must be inspected by a peace officer or agent with the Division of Motor vehicles prior to titling. The new title will reflect the make of the vehicle that was on the MSO. The year will be that of the replicated vehicle.