Multistage Vehicles

General Information

In the typical situation, a vehicle built in two or more stages is one in which an incomplete vehicle, such as a chassis-cab or cut-away chassis built by one manufacturer, is completed by another manufacturer who adds work-performing or cargo-carrying components to the vehicle. For example, the incomplete vehicle may have a cab, but nothing built on the frame behind the cab. As completed, it may be a dry freight van (box truck), dump truck, tow truck, or plumber’s truck. In addition to multistage commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles such as motor homes can also be defined as a two-stage or multistage vehicle. Class C motor homes use a cutaway chassis, combining a van cab/or truck front with an RV shell that typically includes an over-the-cab sleeping area.

Manufacturers involved in the production of multistage vehicles can include, in addition to the incomplete vehicle manufacturer, one or more intermediate manufacturers, who perform manufacturing operations on the incomplete vehicle after it has left the incomplete vehicle manufacturer’s hands, and a final-stage manufacturer who completes the vehicle so that it is capable of performing its intended function. Because a multistage vehicle can be comprised of multiple components built by multiple manufacturers you can often have multiple VINS associated to your vehicle. In a typical multistage vehicle, you will receive an MCO (Manufacture’s Certificate of Origin) for the first stage of the vehicle which comprises of the cab and chassis, and a second MCO for the second stage of the vehicle which comprises the box or shell. Since the stages can be built by different manufacturers in different years, this can create customer concern when deciphering a vehicle year or make on ownership documents. Keep in mind that the VINs may not be the same for both stages. The second stage manufacturer may create their own VIN or use the first manufacturer’s VIN.

When a title and registration are issued by the state of Utah, for a multistage vehicle, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will collect all ownership documents and issue a title and registration that show the VIN, Year, Make, Model and Body Style for all vehicle stages.

For example, if you had a two stage motor home that was a 2019 Ford for the 1st stage and a 2020 Coachmen for the second stage, your registration certificate and title would reflect the VIN, Make, Model, Body Style, for both VINs/stages of the vehicle.

Registration Example

1ST VIN: 1AA1AAA11AAA11111
Make: Ford
Year: 2019
Model: Econoline
Body Style: Cutaway

2nd VIN: 2AA2AAA22AAA22222
Make: Coachmen
Year: 2020
Model: Leprechaun
Body Style: MH

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