Glider Kits

A glider kit is the reconstructing of a large truck or truck tractor by utilizing a kit and the power train of an existing titled truck or truck tractor.

When the vehicle is ready to be titled the customer will need to provide the following information to DMV; this may require more than one visit:

  • A copy of the dismantling permit, an old title for the used parts, bill of sale, or original sales receipts for parts,
  • A “Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin” (MSO) covering the glider kit,
  • A completed Form TC-569D, Statement of Facts, explaining what was done to the vehicle and from whom the parts were obtained, and a completed Form TC-656, Application For Utah Title
  • Provide pictures of the vehicle that clearly show the condition of the interior and all sides of the exterior of the vehicle, and,
  • Verification of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) by a police officer, DMV-CSR or certified safety inspector. Form TC-661, Certificate of Inspection, can be used for this.

The complete description of the vehicle make, model and year is obtained from the glider kit MSO and must be attached to support the Form TC-656, Application For Utah Title.

In addition to the above procedures, all other title and registration requirements must be met, including payment of fees and sales tax. Sales tax is due on the amount paid for all parts, except for parts on which sales tax has already been paid.