Boats, Watercraft & Outboard Motors

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Boats & Watercraft

Every watercraft (including canoes and personal watercrafts) powered by a motor or a sail operated in Utah waters must be registered, but they are only titled if they are 1985 and newer. Each watercraft owner must pay a registration fee at the time of initial registration and annually thereafter. Uniform fees also apply.

Requirements for Titling

Requirements for Registration

Exemptions to Registration

  • Watercraft that are not in the state more than 60 days in any year and are owned by a non-resident (must be currently registered in home state, if required)
  • Watercraft from another country and in Utah temporarily
  • Watercraft owned by the United States Government, a state or a subdivision thereof
  • A ship’s lifeboat
  • Watercraft exempted by the Division of Parks and Recreation, these exemptions include:
    • Sailboards
    • Inflatable vessels without motors

For information regarding nonresidents using their boats, off-highway vehicles, and snowmobiles in Utah, please visit the following links:

Outboard Motors

Every 1985 or newer outboard motor operated in Utah waters must be titled.

Exemptions to Titling Outboard Motors

  • With a manufacturer’s listed horsepower of 25 hp or less
  • Owned and operated by non-residents
  • Owned and operated by the United States Government