Utah Special Group Plate Program

All new special group plate programs will be requested and approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) per Utah Code Annotated (UCA) 41-1a-1602. To request a new special group plate, application TC-204, Sponsoring Organization’s Special Group Plate Application, along with the required documentation and fees must be submitted to the DMV for review and approval in accordance with UCA 41-1a-1603.

The application and requirements can be submitted to:

DMV Accounting
Utah State Tax Commission
210 N 1950 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84134

If the application is approved, the Division of Motor Vehicles will begin issuing the plate within six months after we receive the application, payment, and all required documents.

Requirements and Fees

Preorder Applications

A minimum of 500 completed TC-203, New Utah Special Group Plate Application preorder forms and all applicable fees must be submitted directly to the organization sponsoring the special group plate.

Required Funds:

  • Special Plate Fee $15.50
  • Replacement Registration and Decal $5.00
  • Postage $4.00
  • Initial Contribution (Determined by the Sponsoring Organization, at least $25.00)

Exception: If the sponsoring organization is a state agency, 500 preorder applications are not required at the time this form is submitted if:

  • The governor certifies there is a legitimate government operations purpose for the state agency recognition license plate, and;
  • Funds are available to cover the start-up and administrative costs of the license plate.


A set-up fee of $3900.00 is required to cover programming and initial administrative costs in addition to inventory costs as stated below.

The Sponsoring Organization is responsible for the payment of inventory for symbols and slogans. The cost of the symbols and slogan is variable and will depend on the number of sets ordered by the Sponsoring Organization.

Special group plates shall display the word Utah, the name or identifying slogan of the special group and a symbol decal not exceeding the given size representing the special group.

  • Symbol — Can have up to six colors. Each slogan is 3 7/8″ high by 3 1/4″ wide.
  • Slogan — Can have up to three colors. Each slogan is 5/8″ high by 6 1/2″ wide.

The order will need to include 500 sets for the 500 preorder applications (TC-203) and any additional sets that will be available for the public to order. If Plates are to be sold statewide at all DMV offices, a minimum order of 2,500 sets is required in addition to the first 500 sets. If the order is less than 2,500 sets including the first 500 sets, the plates may be purchased at any DMV, but will be mailed out to the customer from the Utah State Tax Commission.

For new orders, redesign and reorder of symbols or slogans, see the Special Group Plate Program Costs pdf.

If the application is for a private nonprofit special group license plate, also include:

  • Copy of the IRS letter approving your Section 501(c)(3) status, and;
  • An affidavit, signed under penalty of perjury, declaring that you have a charitable purpose.

*For more information, see the instructions on page 2 of the Application TC-204

*Programming and inventory fees may be subject to change at any time.

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