Motor Vehicle Fraud Alerts

Vehicle Title Fraud Alert – What to Do Before You Purchase a Used Vehicle

The Utah DMV participates in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). This system allows the DMV to verify the information on paper vehicle titles with the electronic title from the state that issued the title. NMVTIS protects consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles, and helps keep stolen vehicles from being resold.

Before you purchase a used vehicle, watch the following video for information, and check the vehicle history at

Fake DMV Websites

There are many fraudulent websites that claim to provide DMV services. These sites often try to steal your personal identifying information or sell services that you can get free at the official Utah DMV website.

  • The official Utah DMV website is
  • All official State of Utah website addresses, including Utah’s Motor Vehicle Portal (MVP), have “” as the end of the main address, before any slashes.
  • Be careful with websites that are not affiliated with the Utah DMV but also provide consumer services.
  • If the website contains a disclaimer at the top or bottom of the site stating they are not affiliated with a government agency, then it is not the official Utah DMV site.


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