Historical Colors of Utah License Plates

For many years, Utah changed the color scheme of its license plate annually. Beginning in 1968, the state began using “standard issue” plates whose color schemes did not vary from year to year. Major events, such as the Great Depression and World War II, affected the frequency of plate color changes and the materials from which the plates were made.

In 1943, the plates were issued on paper, the 1944 plates were on a soybean-based material and in 1945, 1946, and 1952, only one plate was issued.

The issuance of the “Ski Utah” plate in 1985 marked the state’s first use of the license plate as a promotional tool. Since that time, the Centennial plate and the Olympic Plate have been issued to raise funds for specific causes. Following are the color schemes used throughout the years.

Year Background Color Numerals
1909-1914 Aluminum Badge Black
1915 White Green
1916 Brown Cream
1917 White Dark Blue
1918 Dark Blue White
1919 Olive Drab White
1920 Dark Blue White
1921 Black Orange
1922 Black White
1923 Red White
1924 Blue White
1925 Green White
1926 Silver Black
1927 Blue White
1928 Yellow Black
1929 Green Black
1930 Black White
1931 Silver Black
1932-1933 Black White
1934 Silver Black
1935 Black White
1936 Silver Black
1937 Black White
1938 White Brown
1939 Black White
1940 Blue Orange
1941 Black White
1942-1944 White Black
1945 Maroon White
1946 Black White
1947 Black Yellow
1948-1949 Black White
1950 Black Orange
1951 Green White
1952 Blue White
1953 Black Yellow
1954 Green White
1955 Black White
1956 Maroon White
1957 Blue White
1958 Blue Yellow
1959 Red White
1960 White Red
1961 White Blue
1962 White Red
1963 Blue White
1964 Green White
1965 Blue White
1966 Black White
1967 Green White
1968-1972 Black White
1973-1985 Silver Black
“Ski Utah” White Blue
Centennial Color image of Delicate Arch Blue
1998 Olympic Graphic design depicting Olympics Blue
Life Elevated Skier Image of Skier in Utah Mountains Blue
Life Elevated Arches Color image of Delicate Arch Blue
In God We Trust White with logo and slogan Blue
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