Impound Fees

When a vehicle is lawfully towed, the registered owner is responsible for paying the towing, impound and storage fees, plus any additional fees required at the time of impound release.

Applicable Fees

  • An improper registration impound fee is equal to the vehicle registration fees, plus any additional fees that are due at time of release. The impound fee is required on all impounded vehicles unless it was reported as stolen. Verification of the theft is required before this is waived.
  • DUI’s will be charged an impound administrative fee, plus any additional fees required at time of release. The administrative impound fee is due even if the owner was not the intoxicated driver.
  • No Insurance impounds will be charged the insurance reinstatement fee if the vehicle’s registration has been revoked for no insurance.
  • If the vehicle is not currently registered, all registration fees will also be required before the vehicle can be released.
  • See Summary of Common Fees for a full listing of the applicable impound fees.

Appeal of Impound Fees

In order to appeal impound fees charged, the vehicle owner must respond within 30 days of the date of the impound notice to protect his or her appeal rights. To file an appeal, a “Petition for Re-determination” must be completed and the vehicle owner must attach all supporting documentation. Depending on the reason for impoundment, supporting documentation may include; proof of current registration, proof of ownership or court documents. Send all documentaion to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Compliance Services (VCS)
PO Box 30412
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130

The purpose of the “Petition for Re-determination” is to submit a written protest—or appeal—of impound fees. The DMV will schedule a division conference (usually a telephone conference) to discuss the issues and to answer any questions. If, after the conference, the vehicle owner still disagrees with the impound fees, the petition, along with DMV’s answers, will be forwarded to the Tax Commission Appeals Section. The Appeals Section will schedule an informal hearing before an administrative law judge.


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