State Certified Impound Yards

Businesses providing tow truck services that are interested in being certified as a Utah State Tax Commission Impound Yard should review the information and requirements found in the following sections of the Utah State Tax Code:

Once the above sections have been reviewed, the remaining requirements for certification are as follows:

  • Complete the Impound Yard Application and Inspection (Form TC-855). This form is obtained directly from the DMV Miscellaneous Services Unit (MSU), and should be submitted with a copy of the current business license. Photographs that sufficiently demonstrate the yard’s compliance with the Standards for State Impound Lots listed above may be submitted to MSU in lieu of a physical yard inspection. MSU will issue a DMV assigned yard number upon receipt of the Impound Yard Application and acceptable proof of yard compliance.
  • For the reporting of vehicle removal and impoundments you will need to register with NIC Utah. For questions regarding the application process for IVS access, and terms of use, email There is an annual subscription fee of $125 for this service.

For questions regarding the Impound Yard Application and Inspection, please call DMV Miscellaneous Services at (801) 297-3568.

For questions regarding the Impound Vehicle Service registration, please call Utah Interactive, Inc at 1-877-988-3468.