Law enforcement officers may impound vehicles or vessels for abandonment, driving under the influence (DUI), improper, expired or no Utah registration, exhibition driving, or revoked registration due to lack of insurance and for other offenses such as drug-related crimes. The proper storage, accounting, release or sale of impounded vehicles/vessels is an important DMV function. The DMV helps ensure:

  • Stolen vehicles are recovered;
  • Vehicles necessary as evidence for criminal prosecution are not released prematurely;
  • Impounded vehicles are released to their proper owners, only after proper registration and payment of fees;
  • Released vehicles are not subsequently advertised for auction.

Note: Customers with an impounded vehicle can be serviced without a scheduled appointment at the following offices:

  • Ogden
  • Farmington
  • Salt Lake
  • South Valley
  • Provo
  • Hurricane
  • Richfield
  • Price
  • Vernal
  • MSU (Salt Lake Tax Commission)