Antique (Original Issue) License Plates

Vehicles of a model year 1973 or older may display original-issue license plates issued during the same year the vehicle was manufactured.

If the antique plate number is not currently assigned to another vehicle on the Motor Vehicle file and does not conflict with a currently issued series, the antique plate may be used in substitution for a regularly issued plate. An owner who sells a vehicle with original issue plates assigned to it may also sell the plate by completing an affidavit relinquishing the plates.

Original Issue Application

Original-issue plate applicants need not complete a special application form; instead, they must bring the plates to a Motor Vehicle Office for verification. DMV staff will check the plates carefully to be sure that they are authentic and do not conflict with an existing series. There is no fee for placing an original issue plate on a vehicle.

Displaying Rejected Antique Plates

If the original issue plate cannot be used for registration purposes because the plate number conflicts with a currently-issued plate series, the owner may apply for special antique plate decals. To do so he/she must:

  • Submit the antique (original issue) plate to a Motor Vehicle Office for verification
  • Submit a current registration card
  • Pay a $5.00 fee. Antique decals expire every December – the yearly renewal fee is $5.00.

Note: Antique plates may be restored and repainted to the original issue paint, for limited use such as shows, parades, special events, etc.