Apply for a Refund

When applying for a refund, there are several important things to know:

The registration fees you pay are made up of several different components. One of them is property tax, usually called a “county fee.” To apply for a refund of property taxes or fees, you must contact your local county assessor.

The rest of the components are considered your registration fees. Registration fees are refundable in very limited circumstances. The following examples provide common circumstances under which registration fees may be refundable:

  • If you renew a vehicle that was previously sold (mistaking it for another vehicle), your refund may be approved if you provide a bill of sale which includes: the date of sale, VIN, and seller and purchaser information. (The date of sale must be prior to the date you renewed the vehicle.)
  • If your registration expires in August (as an example), and you pay your renewal fees prior to the expiration date (August 31st), your refund may be approved if you provide proof that the vehicle was sold, traded-in, or inoperable August 31st or prior. Your request must be made within six months of payment date.

If the vehicle is in use when the new registration period begins (September 1st as an example), the fees would not be refundable.

To apply for a refund of fees paid to the DMV, please complete Form TC-55A, Claim for Refund of Fees or Sales Tax for Motor Vehicles. Please follow all instructions on the form.