Please select one of the following options for information about registration:

Aircraft Registration - Civil and commercial aircraft with a valid airworthiness certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are required to be registered with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Apportioned Registration - Interstate motor carriers may register their vehicles under the International Registration Plan (IRP), which enables the carrier to register their vehicles in multiple states.

Registration Fees - The amount you need to pay at the time of vehicle registration varies depending on vehicle type, fuel type, county, and other factors.

Renew Your Registration - Find out what you will need to renew your registration this year and what options you have as to how to renew it.

Replace a Lost Registration, Plate, or Decal - Replacing these items is easy.

Report a Sold Vehicle - Forgot to take the license plates off of the vehicle you just sold or just want to remove your registration information from the vehicle? Fill out this request to cancel the vehicle's registration.

Vehicle Inspections - Find out when you need these inspections and what they should cost.

Temporary Permits - Permits of varying lengths are available to help you resolve common vehicle issues.

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