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DMV Temporary Permits

The Division of Motor Vehicles may issue permits to Passenger Vehicles, Watercraft, Motorcycles, Trailers, Motor Homes and Off Highway Vehicles.  Temporary permits are issued to allow time for the vehicle owner to operate the vehicle while obtaining the required documentation to complete title and/or registration processes on thier vehicle.  This may include, but not limited to the following:

  • Proof of Ownership or Supporting Documentation
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection Certificates (if required)
  • Vehicle Emission Certificates (if required)

All required fees and taxes for titling and registering the vehicle are due at time of permit issuance along with the $6.00 permit fee.  The local DMV office decides upon the length of validity for the permit based on individual circumstances. 

96 Hour In-Transit Permits

Utah Code 41-3-305

The 96 hour In-transit permit is used to move an unregistered vehicle out of the state of Utah.  The permit allows use of the highways for a time not to exceed 96 hours.  The fee is $2.50 for motor vehicles or trailers.  

Dealer Permits

When a dealer has sold a vehicle to a Utah resident, a 45 day temporary permit is issued by the dealer.  This allows the dealer 45 days to obtain the registration and license plates from the Motor Vehicle Division.