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Important Notice About Your Month Decal!

If your month decal has faded or is missing it needs to be replaced immediately! There is no fee for a month decal replacement.

alert iconTo replace a month decal:

After recovery by a law enforcement agency, the legal owner of an abandoned, possible theft or stolen vehicle will be notified where thier vehicle is being stored and will be instructed to obtain a Letter of Release from a DMV Office in order for the vehicle to be released from impound. The vehicle owner should follow the applicable procedures regarding proof of ownership, proper registration, etc.; however no impound or fee should be charged. If the registration has expired, registration fees must be paid and a 15-day temporary permit will be needed to complete the required safety and emission inspections.

Note: Before a stolen vehicle is released, the owner must present legal picture ID, along with ownership papers. If the vehicle has changed ownership, all title registration requirements must be met.