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Who Can Retrieve Impounded Vehicles?

Impounded vehicles and/or boats may only be released to:

  • The registered owner: Even if the owner provides the DMV with the vehicle’s current registration, the owner’s identity still needs to be verified using picture I.D., such as a driver license.
  • Person representing registered owner: The owner’s representative must have astatement signed by the owner authorizing release to the named representative.
  • Registered lien holder: The lien holder must provide a copy of the title that shows the lien and proves that the lien release section has not been signed.
  • Leasing companies: The representative of the lease company must have a letter of verification indicating that he/she is an employee of that leasing company and is authorized to obtain the release for that vehicle.
  • Dealers: The dealer must show evidence of ownership (title, MSO, certified copy of title, etc.) along with proof that they represent that dealership. The dealer must also present the dealer plate number that they will be using to transport the vehicle from the impound lot to the dealership.

Steps for Releasing a Vehicle

To obtain a vehicle release:

Step One

The vehicle owner must go to the local DMV office and:

  1. Present proper evidence of ownership; (e.g. title, registration card, bill of sale);
  2. Present picture ID;
  3. Pay all fees and penalties due for titling or registration functions; and
  4. Obtain a "Letter of Impound Release" from DMV.

Step Two

  1. Contact impound or tow yard;
  2. Present "Letter of Impound Release";
  3. Present ID to the impound or tow yard;
  4. Pay the towing and storage fees.

The Tax Commission/DMV does not have regulatory authority or jurisdiction over towing or storage fees.

When a Vehicle May Be Held In Impound

An impounding agency (such as law enforcement) may request that a vehicle held as evidence in a criminal case not be released without the impounding agency first giving written authorization.