Temporary Permits FAQ

For more information, see Temporary Permits.

I just purchased a vehicle and I need to transport it to my house. Do I need a permit?

A temporary permit will need to be obtained from your local DMV office to operate a newly purchased vehicle. Be sure to keep a copy of the title and bill of sale in the vehicle during transportation. If the vehicle needs safety and emission inspections before you can obtain registration, you will want to get a 15 day permit from your local DMV office. This permit will allow you to use the vehicle legally while obtaining the documentation needed to complete the registration.

I just purchased a vehicle, but plan to title and register it out-of-state. Am I able to get a permit?

Yes, if you go to a DMV office you will be able to obtain a 96 hour permit. The cost for this permit is $2.50. If you are a Utah resident transporting the vehicle out-of-state you will need to provide proof of ownership and insurance. If you are an out-of-state resident transporting the vehicle out-of-state you will need to prove proof of ownership and your out-of-state identification. The permit only lasts for 96 hours and starts at time of purchase. For complete information on this permit, see Temporary Permits.

My vehicle is due for registration, but I need to complete inspections. Can I get a temporary permit to obtain the inspections?

Yes, you can get a temporary permit in order to obtain your inspections. There are multiple ways this can be done. You can obtain a permit online by using our Renewal Express website, by visiting a participating On the Spot renewal station, or any DMV office. For complete information on obtaining a permit, see Temporary Permits.