Vehicle Services

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Apply for a Refund - When applying for a refund, there are several important things to know.

Apportioned Registration - Vehicles that are registered for two or more jurisdictions are apportioned.

Buying & Selling Vehicles - Information and tips that will help you when buying & selling a vehicle.

Impounded Vehicles - Impound releases, Impound sales, Impound yard information.

Registration - Fees and other registration requirements can be found here.

Renew your Registration - Find out the different ways you can quickly and easily renew your registration.

Replacing Plates, Decals, Registration, Titles, or Placards - Find out what you will need to replace your lost or missing items.

Residency Information - Details about non-resident and military personnel registration requirements.

Titles - Find out Utah's titling requirements for all vehicle types.

Transfer a Utah Title - Find out the process to change a Utah Title into your name.

Transfer an Out-of-State Title - Find out the documents that are required when changing an Out-of-State-Title.

Transfer without a Title - Other documentation is required when you don't have a title, find out what is needed here.

Vehicles by Type - Find out information for a specific type vehicle.


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