Buying and Selling Vehicles

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Buyer and Seller Responsibilities - To avoid being defrauded in a private auto transaction, you should take great care, use common sense and follow these simple steps.

Buying from a Dealer - Automobile dealers in Utah are licensed, bonded and must follow strict regulations in each vehicle transaction. Most dealers are honest and pleasant to work with and purchasing from a dealer may save you many of the hassles of paperwork and titling that you might experience when purchasing from a private party.

Buying from a Private Party - Used cars can be purchased at places other than dealerships. Private sellers advertise in the classified sections of city, regional and neighborhood newspapers and on the Internet.

Consignment Sales - When an individual signs a contract with a dealer for the dealer to sell his car, this is called a "consignment agreement".

Lemon Law - Be aware of Utah's disclosure laws regarding manufacturer buybacks and recalls.

Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division (MVED) - This division of the Utah State Tax Commission licenses and regulates automobile dealerships, salespeople, crushers, transporters, dismantlers and body shops. It investigates motor vehicle fraud and other crimes, such as auto theft, chop shops, odometer fraud and salvage vehicle fraud.

Odometer Fraud - Each year approximately 3 million used cars have their odometers rolled back an average of 30,000 miles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, odometer fraud throughout the country results in consumer losses of approximately four billion dollars annually.

Salvage Vehicles and Branded Titles - A vehicle that has been "salvaged" or "rebuilt/restored" will be issued a different kind of Utah title, referred to as a "branded" title.

Transferring Titles - Know what to expect when you visit the DMV to transfer a title into your name.

Vehicles by Type - Find out the title and registration requirements for vehicles, watercraft, trailers, motorcycles, etc. 

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